What we teach

Heritage School of Classical Ballet provides classes for all ages starting at age 4, and includes classes for adults. We teach Russian technique which develops emotional expressiveness, strictness of form, and an energetic manner of performance. We have worked closely with Russian dancers, teachers and directors for many years and consider this to be the most successful method of instruction for young dancing bodies. This methodology teaches dynamic turns, cultivates a dancer's aplomb, and gives the feet the strength necessary for long-term 'pointe' work, as well as teaching the lyricism necessary to true Russian ballet. The students will learn to dance with their whole bodies thus acquiring harmony of movement.

Included in the student's dance education are the correct terminology of ballet, an understanding of anatomy and injury, and movement vocabulary. The pupils are given short lessons in proper techniques for all the supporting knowledge such as stage terminology and injury prevention.

The young dancers will be allowed to perform, upon invitation, with millermuller ballet giving them the atual working experience of a full performance under many circumstances and in a variety of venues thus widening their expressive range and encouraging the development of self-discipline through dance.

History of the school

The Ballet Russes was originally consisted of Russian exiles who brought their powerful and innovative brand of ballet to the United States,and the Southwest in particular. There have been many books and articles about the Ballet Russes, lately even a full feature film.

After the demise of the Ballet Russes and the Ballet Russes de Monte Carlo, North Texas and much of the Southwest were blessed when their stars moved to this area to open schools, companies, and college dance departments. We gained the knowledge and expertise of these brilliant performers, which many have used as a springboard to professional careers including teaching, performance, and choreography.

Among those amazing artists was the legendary Nathalie Leslie Krassovska, who moved to Dallas and opened a school and company. Nathalie taught Hope Miller in the Vaganova style, which hails from the Imperial Ballet in Russia. She taught technique and style while building strength and stamina. She created Ballet Jeunesse of Dallas in the early 1970's which performed excerpts from the great ballets as well as character dances from the Ukraine. Ballet Jeunesse continued to perform and build young dancers until Mme. Krassovska's death in 2005.

With this in mind, millermuller ballet opened a ballet school (Heritage School of Classical Ballet) in the traditional Russian style, which is able to train dancers to perform with professional dance companies. We continue the old traditions while keeping the interest through contemporary works that expand upon, but do not change, the early training, and allow students to have the opportunity to move forward as professionals within their home community.

History of the company

millermuller ballet was founded so that the youth of the metroplex will have the opportunity to perform professionally without having to leave their homes, families, and friends. We also want to take this true ballet to smaller communities which otherwise have to travel some distance to see quality dance.